Realtime Data Technology

Realtime Data is an inventor-owned research and development company with technology and intellectual property in the data acceleration and advanced data compression space.

Realtime Data’s technology uses multiple forms of compression to accelerate the storage and retrieval of wireless and wire-line data ...MORE
Realtime Data’s content compression technology uses various data reduction techniques which have become crucial to modern computing...MORE
Realtime Data’s compression technology enables video and audio data to be streamed to devices in the highest possible resolution based on the specific...MORE
Realtime Data’s QuickBoot technology uses intelligent compression to accelerate the booting of computers, smartphones and virtually any device...MORE
Realtime Data’s compression technology accelerates the transmission of wireless and wire-line data feeds from the source to the destination...MORE
Realtime Data’s dictionary compression technology applies to virtually all aspects of modern computing. From Smartphones to the cloud, from social media to medical imaging...MORE